Introducing Taden


Taden brushed aside the mountain of 'useful' clutter to clear a valley of space to place the prototype he had been working on. He was heading to a Crew Gathering & had arranged to pick up his friend Rush on the way. He wanted to pick up some fuel for both himself & his ship, so he needed to head out. He half reluctantly shut the door to his hab, it was always difficult to walk away from a project but as he made his way to the Spaceport Terminal. Waiting for the elevator, Taden's thoughts redirected to deciding what ship to take, whether to take one or two ground vehicles to the gathering & wondering what the location would be like & who would be there. 

To Taden however, money wasn't a problem. His natural inclinations, talents & pursuits just seem to pay well. New tech kept him interested. All the cupboards, surfaces, corners and large portions of the floor in any space he could call his own, were filled with a dynamic clutter of ongoing processes, to discover innovative uses for cutting edge materials & potential commodities, found & inevitably exploited throughout the accessible Verse. In fact, Taden's involvement with recent technological innovations was intrinsic, though due to the strict non-disclosure that surrounded them, few knew exactly how.

Taden neither loved nor resented money. Yes, it made his life easier, but no.. it didn't motivate him.. at all. He aligned with DSC on many levels and this was one of them.

As the ship's engines kicked in, Taden tuned into his Mobi comms to see if anyone else would like a lift to the gathering location which was yet to be disclosed.

Introducing Rush
Tu's Story Part 5 ~ What Next?

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