HF Boring

HF Boring

Since I've mentioned it a few times, now, I thought I'd give you a brief run-down on the Prospector.

To be sure, the name HF Boring was intentional, double-entendre is entirely intentional.

Depicted above are the HF Boring, my own Prospector, in the foreground, and Glumm in his Prospector, in the background.  Interestingly, this image shows a type of mining that's not as uncommon as it may seem.  While a MOLE, like HF Maggie, has three turrets, can make short work of big rocks, and can carry a lot more material, it may be advantageous to use multiple Prospectors to mine a boulder field, especially on days like this, where Maggie was in the shop for a mandatory periodic inspection. (Ain't bureaucracy great!? /rolls eyes)

The Prospector is intended to be a single-person mining ship.  Conceivably, it could be operated as a two-person mining ship, if the crew elects to "hot-bunk" in the main compartment.

The Prospector is manufactured by Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern, more commonly known as MISC, who also manufactures the Freelancer and the Starfarer; there's an unmistakable family resemblance among the MISC ships.

More clearly visible in this second image are two of the four "saddlebags" used to carry the materials collected during a mining run.  As the Prospector can carry up to 32 SCU per run, that's 8 SCU of capacity in each bag for the Prospector; the MOLE's bags are half-again larger for each bag, but the ship is also larger.

If you're unsure what you're looking at, from left-to-right, aft of the canopy bubble is the entry door, followed by the port-side forward thrust nozzle, then the two port-side mining bags, followed by the port-side main engine.

As mentioned in a previous post, the intent, eventually, is to be able to drop the bags once they're full, deploy fresh bags from the on-board system, and continue mining while your friend in the transport or refinery ship comes by to pick up the full bags you left behind.  However, since Stanton is low on the list for delivery of mining supplies, pilots of both Prospectors and MOLEs are advised to jettison their saddlebags only if they happen to be carrying hazardous mined materials that become unstable.  If you jettison your mining bags, you're done mining for the immediate future, until you have a chance to take your ship back to a station for installation of replacement parts.

From a miner's perspective, the Prospector's cockpit has to be among the very best.

The excellent all-around vision, especially with the tidy positioning of all the multi-function displays above the main field of view, keeping the forward-and-down view, the view that you use most for mining, completely free and unobstructed.  The canopy bubble looks a little goofy from the outside.  But, inside, it's a fantastic layout!

For the moment, I'll not bore you...  Ha!  See what I did!?  I'll not bore you with every last detail of the Prospector; I simply wanted you to see a bit of the Prospector so you have some frame of reference as I talk about various mining tools and techniques.

As Glumm will tell you, the Prospector is the ship to use for mining if you're looking for the highest revenue per hour of mining.

It can be a bit tedious to mine in a Prospector because you're generally out in the field, on your own, unless you prefer the solitude.  But, you might also consider joining with another Prospector or a MOLE, to liven things up a bit.  Otherwise, the comms can be especially quiet when you're using this little ship.  Personally, I much prefer my mining crew.  Even though I own the HF Boring, she's more of a hangar queen, for me, rather than a revenue-generating machine.  I keep her around in case I have an itch to go mine when no one else is available.

That's about it for right now.  When I have a little more time, I'll dig out the POH and walk you through the fine details; this ship has a lot of great features, and when properly equipped, you'll be making credits hand-over-fist!

Stay safe and good hunting!

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