Glossary of Intuvii language ~ A work in progress


The 'modern' Intuvii language has developed gradually since the Arrival.

Surviving Intuvii used their gift of Intu to recover some words of their original language and then blended them with human words, that trace back to early Indo-European languages of Earth, to describe concepts deeply ingrained in the Intuvii psyche.

Interestingly, some, (though not all), of the original language of Intuvii already shared similarities to old core human languages, this is evident even in their own name Intuvii which seems to be partly derived from the word Intuition, which human etymology tells us comes from the Latin roots "in" meaning "at" or "on" and "tueri " - meaning "look at, watch over."

You will notice that some Intuvii words are very similar in spelling and meaning to modern-day human words, still used in the Verse today, for example, wholi, similar to both holy and whole, the origins of which can also be traced back to old Norse on earth,

Both these and other word similarities beg the question...which came first?

To add another dimension to this question, there seems to be a hieroglyphic version of intuvii, found in some tattered handkept records found amongst the artefacts ( & confiscated) & since gifted to Deep Space Crew Archive Division. Who are trying to decipher the code that unlocks these hieroglyphs with the help of Saorsa and Sisu of the O8.

Here is a glossary of Intuvii words that you may come across in the DSC Archives & Lore timeline, more will be added over time.

It is a work in progress of DSC archivists working closely with Saorsa and Sisu who have recorded as many of their native words as they can remember.


O8 stands for Original Eight, which is the name given to the eight spacefarers found in some sort of cryogenic state floating in escape pods amongst the wreckage of a spaceship in 2700. The true inspirers of the DSC vision of exploration & expansion.

Arrival (The):
The Arrival is the name that has come to mean when the O8 were discovered in 2700.

The Intuvii equivalent for Married or Marriage

Handwritten, sketched, drawn, recorded by hand

Similar to highly psychic ability, and shamanic dream states, experiencing dreamlike visions 'Intuvisions' complete with the sensory experience of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, of situations from any point in time, so sometimes prophetic. Potentially everyone has the gift of Intu which is really the ability to access a well of eternal and infinite information but developed over generations it becomes epigenetically ingrained in the physical make-up and psyche so people can be born an Intuvii. Throwback Intuvii are not unheard of.

The name given to people who have the gift of Intu

A blend of intuition and vision which is experienced as if it were actually happening. 

Intuvisionary memories:
These are Intuvisions that have been placed in space-time dimension or reality & recognised to have happened in the past & therefore be memories.

Someone or an experiential situation in a state of Wholiostasii

A blend of whole and homeostasis. A natural state whereby someone holistically realises their connection with all life on all levels. Words with similar meanings that collectively help to describe the Intuvii word Wholiostasii are; connectedness, inclusivity, universal integration, oneness, wholeness, fullness, holistic connection, homeostasis, equilibrium, equality, unity with all existence, mind/ body/ spirit, freedom, love. Wholistassi comes naturally to those with the gift of Intu or Intuvii although any being is capable of it.

The Intuvii word for dead.

An expansive idea of home, that includes any place ever experienced and all the life that inhabits it. 

Courtesy of Deep Space Crew Archive Division

Recovered Artefact
Naming The 08

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  • Awesomely timed, that's answered the questions I was asking myself earlier reading up on the lore earlier today, thanks!

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