Don't be afraid to ask for help!

ScreenShot0021 Don't be afraid... to ask for help!

 Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated; I'm still here.  I've simply been engaged in what seems to have become the annual upgrade and recertification process.

It seems the component manufacturers have conspired to upgrade all of their products at the same time; they did the same thing to us this time last year.  So, now we have to go through the process of re-learning the interfaces for everything.  However, the benefit of the upgrades has already been significantly measurable in my bank account.  So, the hassle has been more than worth it this time.

That said, I've noticed something while Glumm and I have been out and about, testing and recertifying all of our equipment; we've run across other miners and observed them making some basic mistakes that will result in less than optimal results of their efforts.

Just the other day, we encountered another miner in a Prospector who had filled his hold approximately two-thirds full of pure quartz.  He had no other material in his inventory, so we guessed that he was new and was learning a few things the hard way.  Unfortunately, he departed the area as soon as he realized we were also mining, and so I was unable to raise him on the comms to ask him whether he needed or wanted assistance.

While some of you are well-versed in mining, and others have little interest, I ask that you all please, please keep an eye open for miners who are obviously struggling, and send them my way, or let Glumm know, so that we can help them.  There's no reason to be mining materials that are otherwise useless or without any beneficial value.  We're happy to help, we just need to know who wants help.

Good hunting out there!

Smooth Operator
S.O.P - Fleet Threat Levels

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